This is the site for some documentation regarding Fix, but mostly the dev diary.

Dev diary

  • Issue ID class

    Start of the issue IDs, namely a new place for the generation algorithm

  • Description class

    Compared to the title, the description class is really simple

  • Minor Fixes

    Only a few minor fixes

  • Title finished

    On Saturday, I finished the title class, at least for now.

  • Roadblock: WSL malfunction

    Infrastructure matters, and it’s frustrating when it just stops working.

  • Using expected for errors

    Since std::expected is not part of the standard library in C++20, I use Sy Brand’s implementation.

  • Enable use of std::error_code

    On the way to std::expect<T, std::error_code>.

  • The Title domain class

    Today I started to implement the first actual domain class.

  • Small behave changes

    A little clean-up work and the last step for the list/create feature file.

  • Finish "create issue" scenario

    After today, the “create” issue scenario is working, and the CLI app does no longer contain functionality that does not belong there.

  • Add the issue application service

    Today, I took the first step in the direction of DDD: I created an application service that provides access to the domain logic. Every call to the domain logic ba the CLI app will go through this or a similar service.

  • The "create" command

    After the “list” command, “create” was the next thing missing in the CLI app.

  • Refactoring session

    Today’s session was spent with the refactorings that have accumulated over the last two days.

  • The empty list scenario

    Today was about the first functional scenario: getting a list of 0 issues.

  • Creating and listing issues

    The creation of issues is hard to test without being able to list them, and listing issues can only be done if we can create some. Therefore, in this step, I’ll implement the basics of both features in lockstep.

  • Tooling: clang-format and CTest

    Before I merge the initial features of the CLI app back to the main branch, I want to improve the tooling a bit.

  • Return code for CLI app

    Finalizing the first two BDD scenarios, Fix now returns a proper exit code.

  • CLI app with usage output

    The first TDD session, and seeing how far we have come in passing the first BDD scenarios. Fix shows usage information, no more “hello world!”

  • Define first milestone

    Today, I defined the first milestone for Fix and started work on the CLI application.

  • POC for behave

    Just to check that behave works as intended before I dive into writing the first actual feature files for Fix.

  • Fighting Jekyll

    I installed Jekyll to have an easy way to provide the dev diary and some other documentation in GitHub pages. It was not as easy as it could have been, but that’s probably my fault.

  • Project Setup

    Today’s work was mostly preparation for the actual start of the project - or restart, I should say.

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